History on the Hoof  brings an authentic and entertaining historical touch to your classroom, special event, festival, or other occasion. Historical interpreters Stacy Roth and David Emerson engage audiences of all ages through historically-based character portrayals, songs, activities, and/or storytelling.

Stacy F. Roth is an interpreter, museum educator, historian, and information specialist who has performed and presented for museums, libraries, schools, civic organizations, and festivals throughout the Delaware Valley. Stacy is a popular speaker with the New Jersey Council for the Humanities and holds a BA in History from Kean College of NJ, an MA in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MLS from Rutgers. Stacy is also the author of Past Into Present: Effective Techniques for First-Person Historical Interpretation, University of North Carolina Press, 1998. She loves to create intimate programs that combine storytelling, music, and period artifacts.

Follow Stacy's Twitter tweets on the topic of Living History at @PastIntoPresent.

Stacy is a great enthusiast for New Jersey history and living history events in the State. Together with several colleagues from the museum community, she moderates Living History New Jersey (Facebook) and @LivingHistoryNJ (Twitter)

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Looking for the updated appendix of historic sites and museums that feature first-person interpretation from Past Into Present formerly located at www.voicenet.com/~frstprsn/ALHFAM/fpsites.htm? (Voicenet discontinued its hosting services in 2012) Find it HERE.

David Emerson makes his living by being a character. For over 25 years, David has worked at living history museums and as an independent storyteller, teaching history through the eyes of a "person of the past." He is a veteran of Colonial Williamsburg, Plimoth Plantation, Morristown National Historical Park, and the Old Barracks Museum. David's academic credentials include graduate study at the College of William and Mary, and he studied at Oxford as an undergraduate. David is a much requested speaker with the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.

View two of David's video projects:

His appearance as Sergeant Matthew Smith in Light A Candle Films' "Battle of Bunker Hill" (2009). David is the chap in the green coat and the striped waistcoat with the New England dialect.

and as George Washington in New Jersey Network's "Ten Crucial Days."

We are located Central Burlington County, NJ and Lower Bucks County, PA. We travel throughout New Jersey and surrounding states.


History on the Hoof
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Email preferred for initial contact for clarity of name and number.

Photo credits: Stacy with teacup by Andrew Wilkinson of Wilkinson Media, "David MacCaffrey" by Stacy Roth, "Rose Helen Niemiec, Welder" by John Niemiec, David as George Washington by Tim Griscom.

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photo of Stacy Roth by Andrew WilkinsonPhoto of David EmersonPhoto of Stacy Roth as a WWII welderPhoto of David Emerson as George Washington